About Me


I work at MIT OpenCourseWare as a web production specialist.

Astral Fish

I write tiny songs for your phone, aka ringtones. I love the idea of mini-compositions and well-designed alert tones and decided to start selling my creations. Each one is made on the iPad or iPhone and includes accompanying artwork that was drawn on the iPad.Visit Astral Fish

Gravel Road Studios

My wife and I have made cards for all occasions for the past ten years, combining ink, watercolor, and humor. We decided to tighten up our presentation and purchased a small letterpress. Things have been put on pause as we operate this complicated newborn baby who no doubt would love to eat all the lead letters we are teaching her. Visit Gravel Road Studios

Sonic Heart

In 2004 I started a music magazine with my future wife. We sold high-quality independently produced print issues, PDFs, and blogged about local and (inter)national music. I wrote articles, and designed and maintained the website. She wrangled writers, edited, and designed the print edition.


I've written music under the moniker Ammegand for many years, though admittedly I'm on a break. In some ways Astral Fish is Ammegand 2.0 for me. You can listen to some of my music on Last.fm.


A social network before social networks existed. Coacalina was a place where artists could interact with each other and interested parties, share, and sell their work. This was 1999. In 2004 I decided to focus on other pursuits - primarily Sonic Heart at the time.


I've done freelance illustration, web design, and content strategy consultation. I've also been featured over at 37Signals and Minimal Mac. I'm a huge board game nerd and currently I'm obsessing over origami and making bento box lunches. It involves a lot of cooking, which I seem to enjoy a lot.


I transferred into The School of The Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston where I studied sonic arts and painting. Prior to that I spent a few years studying electronic arts and photography at Hudson Valley Community College. I've periodically taken classes on things like Children's Book Illustration and Ruby on Rails since then.