We've got a new theme

Long ago, back in 2003-4, I was working on a Drupal theme that I wanted to share. As things go the theme became more and more specific for the site I was making and further from a general theme. I probably used the same post title to write about it. (It's inspired by this track from the Hamburglars)

Well I'm back at it again. I'm working on the Shed Theme - a theme that sheds out all of the unnecessary structural markup that comes out of the box with Drupal to the minimum. Here -  15 years later - I'm still making themes that turn off 90% of what Drupal outputs. Thankfully there are Twig templates now and I'm not spamming things with "display: none."

My plan is to develop this on a twig field-template level as much as possible to allow flexibility, while providing a structure which makes it easy to implement CSS Grid.

It's also an homage to the time I have for it - a backyard project. Right now I have overarching goals as I'm still developing this site and I've already split the theme I use here and made it a sub-theme.