Case Study: Incorporate MITx courses on OCW

OCW is designed around types of content: syllabi, readings, lecture videos, assignments, etc. The edX course platform was built with an entirely different site architecture than OCW. edX is designed around course progress: course text, quizzes, videos, etc, separated into time-based sequential units. When an MITx course ended, it would be taken down, unavailable to people who took the course and anyone else, unlike OCW which keeps courses up in perpetuity.

Case Study: New Visitor Onboarding UX

Getting people to understand what OCW offers while we had their attention is a challenge. A Publication Manager (PM) and I teamed up to create an onboarding experience that would help new visitors to get around OCW and understand what is offered.

Case Study: Screen Reader Accessibility

Someone visiting OCW using screen reader software would be given a sub-par experience: the screen reader would announce the site header, top navigation menu, and then, the footer menu, skipping the main content of a course, or its sub-section navigation. While there were ways to get to the content, they were not easy or user-friendly. Due to the nature of the site layout, changes to the visual design would be necessary, but it could not appear any different after the project ended.

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