Experienced web developer/UX designer with expert HTML and CSS knowledge and extensive background in content management strategy, planning, and implementation. Excited about user experience, accessibility, responsive web design, content models, web standards, atomic design, pattern libraries, and site performance.
  • Web Design/Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Quality Control
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social media Marketing
  • Standards Development
  • Project Management
  • Procedural Documentation


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 2005-2017

Web Production Specialist, Office of Digital Learning: 2013-2017

Identify and implement technical solutions for OpenCourseWare (OCW)— a non-profit MIT project with over 2,400 courses and more than 1.3 million visitors per month. Improve usability, accessibility, and functionality of Oversee site standards, identify and recommend new standards, and prepare standards and process flow documentation. Design, implement, and improve content models, and oversee QA testing of all site content and system enhancements. Direct a remote team that manages backend development.

  • Redesigned all 2,300+ OCW Courses using HTML5 and ARIA attributes to be accessible for vision-impaired users.
  • Designed and implemented detailed Drupal content models for documentation, structuring OCW standards for consistency and flexible use.
  • Revised OCW standards and workflow documentation from "one page topics" to a granular content model, removing redundant/conflicting documentation, and adding examples for each standard.
  • Saved OCW more than $50,000 to date recommending an email marketing platform that could support our 250,000+ subscribers, offer responsive templates, and improved authoring experience.
  • Illustrated promotional materials that became a primary element of the OCW visual identity, given out as tattoos, stickers, cards, and postcards at events all over the world.
  • Illustrated donor thank you cards that were sent out to 1,000 donors.
  • Designed new UI elements using HTML/CSS/JavaScript for experimental course formats and new features.
  • Collaborated with Content Curator to design and implement a new visitor onboarding UX, leading to higher traffic to key areas of OCW.

Administrative Assistant II, Dept. of Biological Engineering: 2005-2013

Oversaw the Graduate Admissions process and managed the intake of and responses to admissions questions. Developed and maintained course documentation for the course catalog, departmental website, and printed materials. Planned and hosted information sessions and institute information events to support student admissions. Maintained graduate student records.

  • Designed and implemented an online admissions review system for the graduate admissions committee, reducing application review time by 75%, eliminating paper waste, enabling remote committee meetings, and saving the department more than $20,000 each year.
  • Strategized, developed, and maintained sites for multiple internal collaborative projects.
  • Organized and presented at info sessions for department programs.
  • Astral Fish: 2010-2014


    Created a company that sold ringtones. Wrote music and alarm tones, illustrated album art, designed, developed, and maintained

    Sonic Heart Magazine: 2004-2008


    Co-founded a regional online and print music magazine.

    • Created and implemented content models for articles, store items, blogs, and user profiles.
    • Designed, developed, and maintained
    • Created and maintained social media channels such as Flickr, Twitter, and Upcoming to promote local events and encourage community engagement in local and national music.


  • General Assembly - User Experience Design Certificate
  • The School of the Museum of Fine Arts – Sonic Art, Painting
  • Hudson Valley Community College – Electronic Art, Photography


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Quality Control
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Higher Education
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Content Management Systems
  • Content Management Strategy
  • Social media Marketing
  • Standards Development
  • Procedural Documentation
  • W3C Accessibility
  • Editing
  • Illustration
    • Markup/Programming Languages
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript/jQuery
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Content Management Systems
    • Drupal
    • Craft
    • Wordpress
    • Plone
    • Software
    • Git
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator